Book matched walnut veneer edging

Wisewood veneer company sells wood veneer, edge banding and cabinet refacing kits for contractors and doityourselfers alike. Wood veneer, discounted wood veneer, buy wood veneer, buy wood. Walnut wood veneer edge banding preglued 34 x 50 roll. We recommend that you allow for up to 15 % loss from sizes we list. Veneer sheets are sold as individual pieces of wood veneer and are listed and priced by the sheet. A much neater and robust finish can be achieved if the standard lumber edging is ordered with one or more corners mitred prior to overveneering. Birch, red oak, maple, ash, poplar, cherry and other species of fancy veneer are supplied throughout the decorative plywood, furniture, cabinetry, door and profilewrap industries. Quarter sawn walnut veneer real wood veneer products. Veneer slices are joined in sequence without flipping the pattern. Brookside veneers, in conjunction with alpi, the italian manufacturer of brookline and braewood prefinished veneers, is well known for its commitment to quality, and respected for its responsible approach to harvesting and processing wood products. Dc distributings veneer sheets can be matched to your needs. Youll find more than 260,000 425,000 square feet of domestic and exotic veneer within our site and were offering these great veneers by the sheet and in small, affordable lots. Alternating pieces of veneer are flipped over so they face each other as do the pages within a book.

Finely sanded to perfection, this plywood edge banding can be trimmed if. Drawer fronts are vertical grain cherry or walnut veneers and matched in selected sets to ensure proper veneer balance and uniform grain appearance. Most commonly we fabricate sequenced wall, ceiling and cabinet panels for homes, guest houses, hotels. Book matched is side to side and bank matched is top to bottom see photo. This enables the customer to buy slabs with matching grain and color flitch matched book matched. Our decorative wood veneers are sourced from all around the world to provide you with the highest quality and diverse range available online. The wood veneer hub caters for all your woodworking requirements, quality service and a friendly voice at the end of the phone is what we are all about. Successive leaves are taken from the same stock or flitch of veneer and jointed without turning alternate leaves over as in book matching. Each veneer has a backer that acts as a barrier to prevent adhesives and finishes from penetrating. Real walnut wood veneer edge banding, 34 inch x 50 foot roll. Wood veneer edging is made from the finest grade materials. Walnut real wood veneer with 10 mil paperback903728 the home depot. The rich natural patterns and colors of the wood make it very popular and the sequence matched sheets in a 4 way pack allow you to create an intense visual impact.

Continuous pieces of veneer peeled from a log using a rotary process. Paperbacked walnut veneer flat cut, plankmatched 4 x 8. Wood veneer and edging sheets available in several widths, lengths, and wood species. View our full pack stock online and generate quotes to pass to your. For more information on other types of veneer matching, be sure to read our adjacent leaves matching and balance matching articles. The rotary cutting method allows large amounts of veneer to be cut in a short time, but because the grain pattern is usually considered less desirable than flat cut veneer, and also varies considerably and is difficult to match. We carry mahogany, walnut and cherry to name a few species. Youll often find it necessary to join two or more pieces of veneer together to make up a large panel. Drawer fronts are vertical grain cherry, maple, oak or walnut veneers and matched in selected sets to ensure proper veneer balance and uniform grain appearance. Burr walnut dashboard american burr walnut wood veneer nice and flat a grade beautiful figured veneer no. Please use the drop down box above to choose your required length.

Sauers walnut, quartersawn 4 x 8 veneer sheet, 10mil. Veneer on all exposed surfaces is american black walnut, cherry, oak or maple. Mahogany crotch veneers can add a dramatic appearance to any woodworking project. For some joints, you can clamp the veneers between two boards and trim the. From edge banding to vacuum systems, we have you covered. Agrade face an a face on hardwood plywood should be matched for both grain and color. Burl walnut book match veneer coffee table by mersman ct233. Our 4waymatched walnut veneers are offered in some of the most stunning and exotic grain patterns found in wood. You can decide for yourself which is better for your project, but heres how to apply wood veneer with backing. Designed for kitchens, desks, tables, dressers, cabinets, antiques, drawers, shelving and doors. Many times, to take advantage of the availability of consecutive veneer leaves, furniture and cabinet makers will rely on the book match.

They are widely used for the fabrication of wood door,cabinet and furniture. This categeory consists of american black walnut wood veneer sheets that are mostly from the midatlantic area of the united states. Walnut real wood veneer with 10 mil paperback903704 the home depot. End match two consecutive leaves of veneer are book matched and the next two are flipped, creating a fourpiece end match also called a bookandbutt match. This further enhances the solid lumber effect, while avoiding this end grain effect and retaining the advantages over veneer edging. California claro walnut burl veneer burl veneers are fragile and can have voids, splits, and cut corners. Various methods of cutting and matching face veneers allow for a variety of exceptional options to make any project a signature work of art. To avoid a striped palingfence effect, quartercut may be best specified as slip matched. Edge banding is typically bonded to the sides of plywood and other veneered panels to give the project a solidwood look. Wisewood veneer leading wood veneer suppliers for the us. Wood veneer matching end matching there are three main types of end matching, which are used in combination with book or slip matching. A technique for matching wood veneer veneer book matching is the most frequently used method for matching wood veneer.

We can have 4 x 8, 4 x 10, 5 x 8 and 5 x 10 made to suit our customers needs in both vertical and horizontal graining. Book match definition is to match the grains of a pair of sheets of veneer or plywood so that one sheet seems to be the mirror image of the other. The veneer joints match and create a mirrored image pattern at the joint line, yielding a. It is usually book matched with the grain running along the 8 dimension. Every other piece of veneer is turned over so adjacent pieces are opened like two adjacent pages in a book. Book matched veneer is sliced and every other leaf of the veneer is turned over like pages of a book facing each other.

Once the veneer is cut, it can be laid up on a panel face in different sorts of matching. Wood veneer store buy wood veneer online peel and stick wood. Edge supply walnut 2 x 25 roll preglued, wood veneer. The key to creating an attentiongrabbing panel lies in careful stock selection. Sauers mappa burl veneer 8 x 18 sequence matched 4 piece.

Premium quality real wood veneer edging this walnut 2 x 25 ironon veneer roll is all prepared ready for your application. Were leading wood veneer suppliers for the us and canada, focusing on. Each is in stock and ready to ship within one business day. The short story on bookmatched panels wood magazine. Wall, ceiling, furniture and cabinet panels wood veneer. Book matched veneer is kraft paper backed wood veneer,which use the thin natural veneers, engineered wood veneers or woven wood veneer as the face veneers,and then laminated with the kraft paper as the back layer. It is accomplished by turning every other veneer leaf over, and arranging it such that the grain opens at the spine, similar to the pages in a book. Provide an essential and ultimate addition to your painting application by selecting this affordable pureedge walnut real wood veneer with paperback. Book matched panels add visual interest and a mark of fine craftsmanship to a project.

Slicing and jointing techniques for wood veneer decospan. Make your own 4way book matched panel with walnut burl veneer. Heres the truth about wood veneers architectural digest. This is one of the our countrys classic hardwood species and is typically used on restoration and furniture projects in a variety of styles. Highest quality veneer you can specify in any particular species. The concept of slicing lumber into thin leaves and rearranging them to accentuate the grain character and create unique patterns has been practiced by. Wood grain figures match at the joints creating a pleasing look of continuity and symmetry in a bank of cabinets or drawers. Bookmatched wood doors or bookmatched wood anything would have. Every other leaf or component of veneer from a given log is turned over to produce a mirror image at the splice joint, much like turning the pages of a book, to produce a very aesthetically appealing look across the face. Bookmatching is the practice of matching two or more wood or stone surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book as applied to wood, bookmatching is usually done with veneer produced in one of several ways, but can also be done with solid wood. Sauers mappa burl veneer 8 x 18 sequence matched 4piece. Expertly matched finger joints and fine sanding provide a cost effective and beautiful real wood edge treatment. The fun really kicks in when you start book matching veneer.

Offer an amazing appeal to your residence with the selection of this fantastic pureedge walnut real wood veneer with paper backer. In this case, the cost for the entire lot will be shown. The veneer strips are matched one after the other and then jointed. I buy veneer sheets, how do i order them so that they can be bookmatched. Outside surface veneers are book matched to provide proper grain consistency and uniform grain appearance. The straight edge i am using in this example is piece of walnut that has been. Walnut real wood veneer with 10 mil paperback product overview whether you are patching a favorite antique table or sprucing up a kitchen for of cabinets. Normally despatched within one working day from receipt of cleared payment. This produces a repeat pattern which varies gradually across the panel. This produces a symmetrical balanced pattern of grain and figure. How do you protect the veneer edges that are to be trimmed after pressing. Section 4 sheet products 74 architectural woodwork standards 2014 awi awmac wi 2nd edition, october 1, 2014 4 introductory information primary core ma te ri als continued veneer continued veneer.

Edge supply walnut 2 x 25 roll preglued, wood veneer edge banding, iron on with hot melt adhesive, flexible wood tape sanded to perfection. Sequence matched veneer packs allow you to pair up sheets and create bookmatched veneer panels for the most beautiful, symmetrical grain patterns. They are then gluestitched together in different matching sequences to form a full sheet of veneer the different matching configurations of which create varied appearances and pricing. Bookmatch definition of bookmatch by merriamwebster. Were leading wood veneer suppliers for the us and canada, focusing on domestic and exotic species. Book matching this method is similar to slip matching, except that every other veneer is flipped.

In book matched veneer, alternating pieces of veneer are placed in such a way that they face each other like the pages in a book. Our projects have included collaborating with fine furniture designers, the automotive and aircraft industries, marine designers and architects matching their vision with our expertise selecting graded veneers to complement their products. Plywood matching when the log is sliced see plywood slicing the flinches are matched for color and grain. The doors are book matched walnut veneered with mitered crossgrained edging on the back of the doors and herring bone edging on the front.

All sheets are book matched, and we can provide plainsliced veneer or quartersliced veneer. The good news is that this method can reveal some amazing results that can only be achieved with veneer. Walnut wood veneer, rawunbacked pack of 3 9 x 9 sheets. Burr veneers, burr veneer, burr walnut, walnut burr veneer. Even the most mundane veneers offer stunning character potential when book matched or quad matched. Skelang walnut wood veneer edge banding preglued ironon with hot melt adhesive edgebanding flexible wood tape 34. Pre glued and ready to iron on with any household iron. This method is useful in making up larger panels, and for species where only small leaves are available. Model wlntbrlhvypsa sauers walnut burl 4 x 8 veneer sheet, 3m psa backed. End matching creates beautiful patterns and accentuates swirly grains and the irregular characteristics of veneer. This produces a mirrorimage effect, similar to opening the. To avoid a striped palingfence effect, quartercut may be best specified as slipmatched. The most commonly used match in the industry is where every other leaf of veneer is turned over, like the pages of a book.

Sauers walnut burl 4 x 8 veneer sheet, 3m psa backed. End matching is often used to extend the apparent length of available veneers for high wall panels and long conference tables. This method is usually most effective when straight grain veneers are used. This is a traditional way of jointing veneers based on the nature of the growth of the tree from which they are cut.

Architectural end matching, where leaves are individually book or slip matched, first endtoend and then sidetoside, alternating end and side. A shaped walnut molding identical to that on the upper door is glued to the pl door to overlap the pr door. Youve got to love the look of this figured sapele wood veneer sheets. Model wlntqs 10mil sauers walnut, quartersawn 4 x 8 veneer sheet. Available in ash, beech, birch, cedar, cedar spanish, cherry, figured maple, flaky quarter white oak, mahogany, pine, plain maple, red oak, walnut, white oak and a variety pack of domestic veneers. Veneer panels wood river veneer produces many types of panels for a variety of applications. Four veneer pieces are book matched both from side to side and from top to bottom. Bookmatching is the practice of matching two or more wood or stone surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book.

If you are using a figured veneer especially a burl veneer, book matching can. From afzelia to zebrawood, theres something here for everyone. Be sure to catch parts i and ii for tips on rough cutting and veneer patterns. Its becoming hard to find highly figured veneers in large sizes. For those unfamiliar with fine woodworking techniques, the word veneer conjures up images of cheap throwaway furniture, yet nothing could be further from the truth. The visual effect created is that veneer joints match, creating a symmetrical pattern. The paperbacked stuff is exactly what youd think veneer. It is the most common type of veneer matching and may be used with plain sliced, quarter sliced or rift sliced veneer.

Book matched or mirrored wood veneers are wood veneer sheets cut from the. Walnut burl sequenced matched 4way veneer pack rockler. Click the picture on the right to see how four sheets of a lesser grade walnut burl veneer are quad matched to achieve a visually appealing effect. Very porous veneers such as oak, makore, and walnut are prone to.

If the grain is straight, the joints will not be obvious. Our live edge slabs are sawn as flitches meaning slabs boards from a single log are cut and stored together. Click to see pictures of our entire stock of this wood species. Veneer cuts commercial interior wood doors oshkosh door. The veneer will be smooth, tight cut, and full length and free of any visible defects or abnormalities. It is easy to apply,and the most important is the kerf. Shop veneer edging from top brands true value javascript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Backed with high quality adhesive for easy and trouble free installation. This walnut veneer sheet is presanded, ready to finish, book matched with precision matched spliced lines, consistent, and flexible. The art of veneer pattern matching has been practiced by cabinet and furniture makers for centuries. Two consecutive leaves of veneer are book matched and the next two are flipped, creating a fourpiece end match also called a book andbutt match. We can have the sheets book matched, running matched, slip matched, plank matched, center matched, and balance matched. The top and side edges of the doors are veneered in walnut. Hardwood veneer whole piece, book matched, slip matched. Book matching this traditional method of matching is achieved by taking successive leaves of veneer and reversing alternate leaves so as to bring corresponding opposite edges together in a mirrored effect. Please contact us to check, then specify the cut that you require. These very flexible wood veneers can be used in a variety of applications. Veneer on all exposed surfaces is american black walnut or cherry. Logs to lumber kiln dried hardwood lumber domestic and exotic lumber live edge slabs table tops see a cool headboard using bookmatched crotch walnut see a project using bookmatched crotch walnut another project using bookmatched crotch walnut. Were also proud to offer some of the finest paperbacked and 2ply wood veneer.

Heartwood series executive furniture of washington dc. American burr walnut veneer american burr walnut wood veneer nice and flat a grade beautiful figured veneer no 6 shown book matched sold per. Secretary and bookcase works the colonial williamsburg. The appearance of the panel can be formal or casual, simple or busy based on the matching choice. Sanded and ready to finish, can be trimmed and cut with scissors. Formwoods form edge edgebanding is produced by joining individual pieces of veneer together into a continuous master roll by fingerjointing the veneer. Using the right tools, the process is simple and nearly foolproof. The website listing will tell you exactly how many sheets are available in our realtime inventory so you can order as many as you need. California claro walnut burl veneer far west forest. Our prices are adjusted for this eventuality, but the measurements shown are the actual full width and length of these veneers. Edge supply walnut 34 x 50 roll preglued, wood veneer edge banding, flexible wood tape, easy application iron on with hot melt adhesive. Standard a grade quarter sawn walnut veneer tends to be uniform in color and commonly allows for some defects such as occasional pin knots and very slight figure or flashing.

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