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Por favor subscribe my tutorial for simplified book folding. To recycle your books and transform them into something really special, weve made a collection of 10 awe. The word origami is derived from japanese words meaning to fold paper. My folded book patterns are ideal for paper crafters to create their very own piece of artwork within the pages of their favorite novel. As promised, this is an updated tutorial on making your own word or numbers book folding pattern using microsoft word.

Setting up the book folding template i find that 45 letter words are the best length to work with. Print landscape for long words and portrait for small words or monograms. Theyve also developed a special beginner friendly starter. For us to be able to create folded book art we need a few things. I recently saw the following instructable on how to fold book pages into a number and it caught. As it turns out they are also, while time consuming, easy to make. Ive seen methods that use precise mathematical calculations for each page and the use of a ruler for each fold. A silhouette is different than folding words because when youre done, it still needs to look like the person. See the full range of bookfolding patterns, books and cds at create and craft here. With this complete folded book art starter kit you can create your own pieces of folded book art from scratch. I love this and have used book folding and paper quilling in my home and artwork with much success.

Various references and design are ready for you to see. How to make folded paper book sculptures our pastimes. Folded book art how to write words folding book pages i love making unique crafts that create conversation. Folded books 46 custom design 9 anniversary 12 wedding. These foldedbook art sculptures are stunning and represent the ultimate gift for almost any occasion. Folded pocketbook art sculptures the pocket books are 4. Then close the book slightly and stand it upright and it should look like the above photo. Instead of just a number i wanted to do a word or image.

Use a hardback book of your own choice to make your own piece of folded book art. However, if your pattern is quite difficult, has lots of small tabs, or has words or writing, then this will generally be better as an innie to show the detail. Learn how to fold a book into a word with this surprisingly easy craft tutorial. Words can expand or squish and usually you can still read them, but when silhouettes do that it doesnt look like the subject at all. How to bookfold a single word with debbi moore youtube. These folded books make for great gifts for weddings, baby showers, birthdays and a lovely addition to any home or office. Our free standard fold category, including lots of mmf measure, mark and fold patterns. There is no guarantee that any image used will create a. Gather three pages at a time at the center of the book and fold the pages in half to form the petallike shape. A simple tutorial for making striped bookfolding patterns in microsoft word instead of photoshop. Folded page art means that you take a book preferably one you dont mean to read again and fold each page in the same way. This arctic book, 6 letters is about as long as i would go. We need a ruler in centimeters, as these patterns are displayed in centimeters. Youll need about 80 pages approximately per letter although this can vary depending on how think.

The art of folding pages of a book to create a raised pattern is called book folding or book art or book origami. Id love curbly to take this post to the next level with information on how best to fold book pages into words and letters. The result is a 3 dimensional sculpture, the exact shape of which will depend on the type of fold that you have chosen. Ideas r us software crafty49s book folding pattern maker.

It is somewhat more difficult than other projects that i have done, requiring a few hours of patience, but it. With this starter set you have the perfect gift at hand. How to make folded book art, including free heart pattern. Creating folded book art is a fun and interesting process. Its best to use a hardcovered book, as these books will give the best results when displaying them. If youre looking for a free pattern, you can get one here. See more ideas about book folding, folded book art and book folding patterns. You can use these projects as a home decor item or you can give them to your loved ones as a gift. The folded book art designer can even make 3d shapes and images into the books like a heart, a guitar, a star, etc.

This is an inspirational guide to get you started making your own works of art. Pretty butterfly book folding pattern, 265f beginners tutorial make your own folded book art, craft download pdf. Repurpose hardcover books into this beautiful book folding art. Whether you are celebrating a sweet 16 birthday or a 50th anniversary, these books will make a statement which no one can ignore. How to fold a book into a word the original tuto with images. These folded words look fabulous, but tutorials remain hard to find online. Print out the letters that you wish to fold, go at least 200 dpi in your print. All our patterns are free, so simply register and download any pdf to start your book folding journey today. Pages from old books can be upcycled to works of art when folded into origami. Whether its for the holidays, for a birthday or just as a gift.

After a few months of procrastination, some googling and a couple misadventures in book folding, ive learned some best practices to fold words onto the pages to make the most lovely folded book art. Simplified folded book art if youve ever seen books with the pages folded into the shape of words and wondered how the heck its done, here is one method. Using photoshop click here for a very good explanation of how to do this. Different ways to make your own pattern the folded book. We carefully fold each page of a book and handcraft it into a beautiful piece of art.

It was a blessing in my familys and my life for several years as it kept us afloat financially during some pretty lean years. If you start doing it one method and think it would look better the other way, then no need to worry you can go back. Create a little ledge on your page with your printed word on. How to make book folded art an owl and many more i was asked to post how i made my owl. Books can be folded into any word although shorter words work better and these book folds make lovely handmade gifts for friends and family. Online there are methods for using photoshop to create your own template, but i felt like there would be an easier way. A book with the right number of sheets in it to complete your design. For those of you who dont have access to a diecut machine check out your local. Buy best selling book folding folded book artgiftany wordflat rate fathers day gifts.

Its such a fun way of reusing old books and give them another purpose. This listing if for the single book folding pattern for the word love. Folded book tips from stephanie pounds all things paper. Birds are one of the most wellknown origami shapes, as are stars, flowers, hearts and hats.

I just absolutely love creating my own folded book art. First of all i found out about this awesome folded book art from on. This unique folded book paper art, with a bold 3d look may be amazing diy project example for all of yo back home. The application will simply take a raster image, and create a number of foldingmarking points. If youve ever wanted to create folded book sculptures, click on the links below to be taken to four tutorials. This can be amazing craft, all you need to do in order to make this sculptures is to fold the pages from actual books into legible words of your choosing. Folded book words tutorial folded book art, book art.

You can buy my book folded book art made easy on amazon here. Heres is where to download suitable graph paper free of charge. Favorite add to teach folded book art bookfoldingbyjessica. Take a pencil and with your book closed, make a mark across all the pages about halfway between the spine of the book and the edge of the book. By hand plotting the design out on graph paper as used here at the folded book company. How to fold book pages into letters recycled book art ideas. Repeat this sequence from the center to the front of the book. Moreno valley public library mall branch 8,764 views. Shop our selection of designs or have a custom piece created just for you. How to book fold simple tutorial doodle and stitch. Folded book art sculptures origami resource center.

Do you enjoy the excitement of a new craft project. December pine tree folded book pattern heather eddy art. Until a few years ago, heather sold these same instructions via etsy, but due to a fulltime job as a librarian, parttime teaching, family obligations, etc. Book art tutorial alot of people have been asking me how to make the folded books, so i thought i would put all the tutorials on here. Book folding patterns custom word or name folded book. For a floral pattern, find the center of the book and lay it flat. Choose a book with 6700 pages for a complete folded set of letters such as mrs and mr, or a 200 page book to make a large monogram. Hello friends years ago i created a tutorial on how to make your own folded books and sold it in my now defunct etsy shop. Its a perfect gift for that crafty person you know. Theyve also developed a special beginner friendly starter kit that contains everything you need to create your own piece of folded book art. Place the template in the book behind the first page that you want to fold. Do not fold all the way back to the spine or the book will not stay open nicely.

I love reading and thought this would make good gifts for friends. Make sure the letters are thick as you fold the pages to match the outline on. Plus, its such a good way to reuse old books and give them a new purpose. You can custom order pretty much anything you want to be created and designed into big 3d letters and shapes using the pages of a book. They are super simple, just take alot of time, but let me tell you. Make sure the bottom of the sheet of paper is in line with the bottom of the book the word should be in the centre of the book, if it isnt then trim the bottom of the paper until it is and remember to trim the other pieces of paper the same. How to fold origami pages in an old book our pastimes. These folded books are visually compelling and make for perfect unique gifts.

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