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If you are currently operating an ffl, you already have bound books or an electronic copy to track the movement of all of your firearms in inventory. Bookfactory ffl bound book ffl log book ffl record book 100 pages, blacktranslux cover wireo, 11 x 8 12 log100gunw01fflt40 4. We answer the phone, email, inapp chat, fax, or even carrier pigeon. Prohibit sales of firearm to restricted states automatically. I wouldnt rely on the words of an agent, or even multiple agents, until a written ruling is posted. So i called them up they have a website but it is undergoing. I lost one for a rifle i packed away in a storage box a while ago and cant find where i wrote down the sn. Discontinue being a federal firearms licensee ffl bureau of. Fflbizhub software portal overview orchid advisors.

Open closed entries filtering and printing via filters b. Ledyard, stephanie parsley, author not quite narwhal by. Instantly generate and print reports, including firearms onhand, disposed firearms, or customized lists you decide. If you have lost a form 4473, we recommend the following actions. Another bound book question the firearms forum the.

The type of information an ffl needs to keep and the duration for which they need to keep it depends on. Ffl license guaranteed federal firearms license ffl123. Question for ffl holders about an ar lower and the bound. You could store them on backup drives, a cloud storage system or even a. As advertised, these are excellent books, with pages of archival quality paper, and covers that are heavy and wellbound. Yes, 4473s for customer purchases are very important too most violations of the law come from these. We have developed new software to comply with atf new ruling 205 for ffl dealers, manufacturers, and importers. Usps is to much of a pain in the rear to jump through all their hoops.

The ffl bound book is at the heart of a gun business. Any time a firearm is lost or stolen, the ffl needs to take action. Verification that ffl boss is atf ruling 20161 compliant. National firearms act nfa national instant criminal background check system nics nonimmigrant aliens. Egoss your online ffl bound book safe, secure, always on. Clicking will clear any data entered by the ffl and reset the form. Brownells partners with coloseum to bring ffl management. Checkout our best ffl software comparison to see how it ranks against other atf bound book solutions. Many ffl owners understand that your electronic records can be fairly fluid. With the inventory report, multiple bound book views, and the quick view report, ffl tools provides all the information an atf auditor will require. Federal firearms license ffl log book gun log book. Fastbound is developed, supported, and hosted right here in the united states.

Each page is sequentially numbered in compliance with the batf. Unlimited number of microsoft sql server database bound books multiple readermultiple. The gun control act of 1968 requires ffls to keep and maintain acquisition and disposition records throughout course of business. When a gun changes handsor has been lost or stolenyour work has.

Sign in your online ffl log books registered egoss license holders sign in to access your online ffl log books, reports, backups, and more. Why you cant keep firearms acquisition and disposition. Optionally, integrate with your erp pos or alone via the web. Unlimited users and unlimited bound books per ffl sot. The entire electronic bound books can be downloaded or printed in an unencrypted form at any time from the bound books menu. Product solutions easy bound book flexible ffl software. The bound book holds over 440 entries as single line entries over an entire page. Discussion in legal started by rule3, dec 20, 2017. Changed bound book field values now print out on paper copy print out with the new note option. Discussion in general discussion started by howlnmad, mar 24, 2014. Experience freedom work wherever, whenever, however you need. With data verification in the acquisition and disposition processes, and the electronic creation of 4473s and other required atf forms, ffl tools helps to eliminate errors in your bound book. Why you cant keep firearms acquisition and disposition record.

Our systems also comply with atf ruling 20108 manufacturer requirements and atf ruling 20111 importers requirements. Question for ffl holders about an ar lower and the bound book. Easy bound book checks the serial number at the time of disposition to help avoid incorrect serial numbers duplicate serial number checking. Excel isnt just a poor solution, its noncompliant with the atf. Keep an eye on your books from anywhere while also being compliant and up to date. Also use easy bound book to track customers and vendors contact information, ffl number and expiration date. Unfortunately, our company purchased three ffl books through a third party seller, arms unlimited, who falsely claimed to distribute the bookfactory ffl books. Unique packaging with other ffl compliance and pricing software. You must report the theft or loss within 48 hours of discovery to the atf by phone or by submitting form 3310. When i got my ffl in 79 i asked this question of three different agents.

Acquire or dispose any number of sequential serial numbers at one time. When i let my license expire in 04, i sent my loose leaf bound book into batfe and there was no problem. Bookfactory then sent us three of their ffl log books, free of charge. Bookfactory ffl bound bookffl log bookffl record book 100 pages, blacktranslux cover wireo, 11 x 8 12. Ffl boss works on windows, macs, ipads, chromeos, tablets or any internet connected device.

Or must the ffl log the firearms in his books after doing the nics check and releasing the firearm to the buyer. Dealer bound books ffl firearms dealer bound record books entry. Unlike most ffls which are for dealers, gunsmiths, manufacturers and importers, the type 03 ffl is intended to make gun collecting easy. Call egoss sales at 14809910046 or visit the purchase page to start saving time and money with automated ffl log books. The only electronic bound book and eforms software, built and managed by the leading ffl compliance firm. Cando ffls go through there bound books or other paperwork and give me the information.

This is because every ffl will at some point acquire, and probably dispose, at least one firearm. When the atf released its 2018 ffl theftlost report, the results were interesting, to say the least. I really dont want to have to cut open the pvc to get to it and then have to reseal everything. Ffl tutorials electronic bound book and e4473 youtube. What should a federal firearms licensee ffl do when it finds it has lost a completed form 4473 and a thorough search of the premises fails to locate it. This book also called gun log book or ffl log book. Coloseum software released the firstofitskind ekiosk interface for conducting firearms transfers and making the e4473 process paperless. One said the book had to be bound and the other two said that loose leaf was sufficient. Ffl boss is an ffl software application that runs in the cloud, there is no software to download or setup. Ffl transfer to ffl, time to log in bound book the high road. Any 03 ffl that i know, including myself, uses ups to ship firearms. Atf authorizes an alternate method or procedure to the paper bound firearms acquisition and disposition recordkeeping requirements of 27 cfr 478.

A best practice in validating the ffl is to run the ffl through the atf ffl ez check database to ensure the current license status. Federal firearms license ffl log book wireo version designed for the specific requirements of firearms dealers. As we cover in chapter 5 of our get your ffl course, ffls must maintain various records related to atf compliance. The core records for every ffl are the ffl bound books. The system supports dropping or adding missing serial numbers to any. Lookbooks for guns is the premier atf compliant electronic log book software system. But the original sale or transfer was just put on the books as a stripped lower. Ffl boss electronic bound books are fully integrated into the full system. The format used has been approved by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms of the u. If a licensee downloads the records onto a physical storage device e. It is the book where every single firearm acquisition by the ffl holder is recorded as well as the disposition of every firearm. Bookfactory makes a high quality federal firearms license log book. Egoss is the premier cloud computing solution for ffl log books, giving you fast, secure, alwayson access to your atf mandated acquisition and disposition records. This is one of the best deals for anybody with a curio and relic federal firearms license 03ffl.

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