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He meets steel, an alien war machine, powered by turbo energy, who enables max to control his own power. Max steel is an americancanadian cgianimated science fiction comedydrama television. After mortum mutates into a terrible, souless robot zombie, he plans to absorb the brainwaves of the humanity and spread his technovirus over the entire earth. Max steel go turbo andrew francis, kathleen barr, richard ian cox, michael dobson, sarah edmonson, logan mcpherson. After 2 years, max will now have to become a leader. Now, it is up to max and his team to stop this villain before its too late. Team turbo 2016 max steel max mcgrath andrew francis. Mortum unleashes his zombie hoard upon team turbo while he faces max steel in the final battle. Games max steele continued the heroic theme in the world of fiction. When a new villain named mortum recruit maxs deadliest enemies to. You will face familiar enemies, including transhuman industries leaders and makino. Fusion tek 2016 animation 9 october 2016 colombia max steel and his new turbo team are put to the test when a robot zombie rises from the grave intent on eating all of humanitys brainwaves.

Will max and his team be able to defeat mortum and his allies and save the day. Directed by samuel chou, dan fraga, lloyd goldfine. When a new villain named mortum recruit max s deadliest enemies to find the revolutionary connect tek, max realize that they cannot save the day on their own. Max steel is a line of action figures produced and owned by the toy company mattel since 1999. To prevent terrorax and his terrorific minions from conquering the world, max must control a new type of t. Thanks to this villain, max starts to generate a new green turbo energy which he must control in order to stop him. Team turbo alternatively titled as team turbo part one and team turbo part two is the first movie released in 2016, focusing in an alliance of max.

In the 2000 max steel series, an asofyetunidentified voice actress plays molly. Unbeknown to max, a slightly rebellious and hilarious technoorganic extraterrestrial named steel has been keeping an eye on him, hungry for his superhuman energy. Prometheus halifax aka terrorax, the mysterious and enigmatic founder of the. The original figures based on the first tv series were similar to the original 12inch g. Max steel games online play free max steel games at poki. The team is led by max and there are five members, being. Much like the case with jim, characters go unidentified in the credits, and mollys role is relatively minimal, so whomever might have voiced her does an adequate job. Max must now join ntek, a secret organization his late father.

Max steel movie this fall, take adventure to the max. When new villain mortum takes down ntek, max and steel will have to lead a team of turbofied heroes. Max decides to fight by himself against toxzons goopaniods, and easily defeats them with his gear bombs, a. Movieclips max steel official international trailer 1. August 31, 2016 this fall, take adventure to the max. Games max steel taking as a basis the animated series. Max steel page focusing on showing the newest things about the series.

Lili beaudoin is an actress, known for my little pony. Use all of max s special movies, including turbo flight and strength, to defeat foes in every arena. On his 16th birthday, max mcgrath learns that he can produce turbo energy, the most powerful energy in the universe. Tomatoes ebert max steel is a 2016 american science fiction actio. In his new form, max uses team turbo s abilities to continue fighting mortum. Max and steel are startled to find max s father, jim mcgrath, as the enslaved turbo power generator in makinos ship. Team turbo is a team of superheroes and copper canyons newest protectors.

With ben winchell, josh brener, maria bello, andy garcia. Max steel is a 2016 american superhero film based on the actionfigure line of the same name. Maxwell max mcgrath is thrown into a new life after moving with his mother to the small city of copper canyon. Max steel must win the sports championship at the same time he must save the world from psycho and biocon. Based on the eponymous toy line by mattel, the film chronicles the adventures of teenaged max mcgrath winchell and alien companion steel. Realizing their mental link, rayne shares her new mode and powers with max, inspiring the rest of team turbo to do the same, empowering max and enlarging him to mortums size. Maxwell mcgrath and his ultralink alien partner have the power to save the world. When they finally meet, they discover that together they form max steel, a superhero possessing powerful strength beyond anything in.

With andrew francis, sam vincent, michael dobson, brian drummond. After max s team turbo fail in getting the connecttek, toxzon suddenly appears and steals the device, leaving max alone alongside with his team. Joe toys, consisting almost entirely of different versions of max steel, the main character, and one or two of his enemies, a couple of vehicles and two or three special packages. Maximum morphos 2015 max steel max mcgrath andrew francis. Our max steel games include real scenes from the disney xd series. Team turbo 2016 45min animation 22 march 2016 usa max and steel face their greatest challenge ever. Team turbo fusion tek 2016 max steel max mcgrath andrew francis. Oscars best picture winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film. Finally, our first look at the max steel movie, based on the mattel actionfigure.

Here we see more details of the plot as well turbo flight mode. Attempting to free him, they get separated, and makino manages to throw utterly weakened max into deep space after turning the turbo star against him. When maxs greatest enemies unite to take down ntek and conquer copper canyon, max and steel realize that they cant save the day on their own. Power rangers movie megazord surprise toys hunt building the five battle zords with ckn toys duration. Max steel and his new turbo team are put to the test when a robot zombie rises from the grave intent on eating all of humanitys brainwaves. There he meets new friends, bullies, and supervillains hunting him down for a power inside him called turbo energy. With lili beaudoin, andrew francis, scott mcneil, colin murdock.

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